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Breaking Down Barriers: How to Make It Easier for Customers to Hire You

Updated: Apr 14

Credit cards are often the preferred method of payment. By accepting credit cards, you make it easier for customers to hire you. Small businesses can see big benefits to taking credit card payments.

Small businesses may be losing out on sales by not accepting credit cards. If you only accept cash or checks, you may be creating an obstacle to making a sale. It's hard enough to make sales, so you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay you. It's likely that if you don't accept credit or debit cards, you might be losing out on sales, and your business could suffer as a result. With so many options available in the marketplace today, you need to seriously consider taking this step, and it doesn't have to cost a lot.

“Small businesses that accept credit cards, do better in the sales race.”

5 benefits of accepting credit card payments

1. Especially high value sales will be boosted. People don't usually carry large amounts of cash, and almost no one carries a checkbook, anymore. On another note, if you accept a check for a large purchase, it could take 2-3 days before you know if you'll be dealing with a returned check.

2. You'll get your money faster from credit card transactions, and it will go straight into your bank account, without delay. There's no need to wait days for checks to clear, before having access to your money. It's a win-win situation. You're happy and your customers are happy.

3. For apps that work with a card reader, you have the added advantage of seeing your money in the bank the same day as you make the sale. You look very professional and organized.

4. Small businesses that accept credit cards, automatically have an edge. Your elevated image as a larger, more legitimate business makes you a serious contender in a competitive market. Just the fact that you accept credit card payments gives customers confidence in your business.

5. Finally, you'll need to overcome the impression that accepting credit cards costs too much. Credit card fees are extremely competitive these days, and you only pay when you make a sale. The transaction fee is just a cost of doing business, and a small one, at that compared to the increase in sales activity you'll enjoy as a result.

With credit card fees being lower than you might think, the smallest businesses can afford to offer credit card payments to their customers, and make it easy for customers to say "yes." With so many mobile apps available, if you don't already accept credit cards, you may want to consider making a change.

Get started today, and watch your business grow!


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