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about Biju

We started Biju in 2015 as a mobile app to help small businesses and solo-preneurs thrive. We wanted to provide all the business tasks in one app to make it easier for business owners to manage daily tasks, quickly and easily on a phone, tablet or laptop. The nice thing about a mobile app is that it's not dependent on the Internet, using cell reception in rural areas where Internet may be unreliable.


The app focuses on supporting the small business community, and we called it Biju, which means "jewel." At the risk of sounding a little corny, we wanted it to be a "digital jewel" to simplify running any small business.

Biju is designed to make it easier for service providers to grow, prosper and win the hearts and minds of their clients. Build lasting relationships with clients, stay on top of client communications, billing, estimates, and collections. We know that small business owners need to promote good customer relations and stop stressing over the business details.


Streamline client communications,  schedule appointments, prepare quotes and invoices and accept credit cards or other payment, all in one app, and all on your phone. Now, you can have it all in one place. 

Work less. Live more.

meet the team

For 25 years, we ran a software company that developed state-of-the-art systems to run oral surgery departments at major universities, as well as individual dental and oral surgery practices. That was very rewarding and we learned a lot about business, large and small. With that behind us, we turned our attention to developing an app to support small businesses, and we called it Biju. We really wanted to give business owners a "digital tool" to simplify the everyday tasks required to run a business.

We believe small businesses are at the heart of our economy. When they are successful, we all win, so we made it our mission to give small business owners a powerful app to simplify their business, and give them tools to handle client communications, appointment scheduling, quotes, invoices and credit card acceptance, all in one place, on a phone. 

Thanks for your time, getting to know us. We look forward to supporting your success.

Thai, Owner
and Senior Developer

I head up the development effort and have degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. With an extensive background in software development,  I understand technology and enjoy helping small businesses solve challenges. My experiences provide me with insights into the future of technology, and I enjoy bringing them to life in our apps.

Cindy, Owner and
Head of Marketing

I'm passionate about helping small business owners build trust and confidence in their client relationships. During our 25 years in business, I managed the sales and marketing functions, largely by promoting loyal, long lasting referral relationships with customers. I enjoy coaching small businesses to excel in their chosen field.

Court, Senior Developer

I consider myself an intuitive software developer and use my degree in theoretical math to solve particularly challenging  technical objectives. In my spare time, I am a singer, songwriter and musician. Look for me on YouTube, and  I hope you enjoy the training videos I created for Biju!

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